The 2014 F150: Built to Withstand Even the Toughest of Farming Conditions

VEHICLE ARTWORK_F150When thinking about the Ford F-150 near Rochester, WA, most people do not think of it as being a luxury vehicle, but the newest edition may suggest the opposite. Does that mean it is not suitable for farmers? Not at all, and the truth speaks for itself.

The 2014 F150 Limited near Rochester and Platinum editions provide significant comfort and luxury to individuals who make use of such trucks on a daily basis to fulfill their jobs – including farmers. Even though it is jam-packed with luxury qualities, it still proves to be a pickup truck that can stand its ground in the worst of conditions perfectly.

Why farmers choose the 2014 F150

For decades, the F150 has been rated as the general top-seller amongst farmers across the United States, simply because of its longstanding durability. As a pickup truck, the 2014 F-150 has the ability to tow and carry extremely heavy loads and can be driven through some of the toughest road conditions without effort.

Farmers, in particular, use their 2014 F150 trucks for the purpose of farming and don’t need the bells and whistles such as voice-activated controls and high-intensity release headlights. However, once they have these features they learn to love them. Because of F150s durability and reliability, many farmers splurge on a higher end model like the F150 Limited and keep it for many years.

The 2014 F150 – Keeping up with the times

The new F-150 near Rochester effectively gave the truck a facelift in the industry of vehicle manufacturing. Although most manufacturers aim to redesign a popular brand of vehicle to keep up with the times, few have managed to succeed like Ford in the category of reliable pickup trucks. Although Ford has been the following the trends over numerous decades, the swankier 2014 F150 has been in constant development since the early 1990’s to add a bit of finesse to its existence as farmers knew it.

The Ford pickup truck is more often than not only used for maneuvering farm roads, but also a family vehicle. It, therefore, only made sense that Ford incorporated innovative ideas to make the 2014 F150 a true all-purpose pickup truck.

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