See How Much Gas Money You’ll Save With Ford Fiesta


 With high gas prices, it is no surprise that many Olympia, Washington consumers choose the Ford Fiesta. The Fiesta achieves great fuel economy and is much more efficient than most sedans, SUVs and trucks. But just how much will you save if you decide to switch to a new Fiesta? Keep reading to find out.

There are seven different models of the Fiesta available and a total of three different engines that achieve different MPG estimates. Each model is ranked well above thirty miles per gallon on the highway and over 25 mpg in the city. To keep things simple, we will show you how much you can save with the Fiesta S’ standard 1.6L four cylinder engine.

These estimates are based off the average Seattle gas price of $3.98 per gallon (7.25.14), and an average yearly driving amount of 13,500 miles.

If you choose the Fiesta, your estimated price of Fuel for an entire year is $1,733 with these gas price and driving estimates.

You will save quite a bit if you switch from a big truck to a Fiesta. A new 2014 Chevy Silverado averages about 19.5 MPG combined, costing consumers roughly $2,755 per year. If you switch from a Silverado to a Fiesta, you could save up to $1022 a year!

Some of the more luxurious vehicles are going to cost you more at the pump too! The new 2014 Acura TL is 23 miles per gallon combined between city and highway. This will cost driver’s roughly $2,336 per year. If you decide on the Fiesta instead of the Acura, you could save yourself up to $603. Just think of what you could buy with that extra money!

Even the Dodge Avenger can’t compare in savings to the Ford Fiesta. The 2014 Avenger is estimated at 24 miles per gallon combined between city and highway. Costing consumers an estimated $2,238 per year, which is $505 more than the Fiesta will cost you if you drive the same amount.

Choosing a new Fiesta is easy because it will keep more money in your pocket than many other vehicle makes and models. To see a new Fiesta for sale near Olympia, Washington, come and visit us at Uhlmann Ford in Chehalis. We are just a short drive south, off I-5 exit 76! We look forward to showing you all the new Fiesta has to offer.

All fuel economy estimates pulled from dealer websites and These numbers are estimates and will vary based on driving habits, distance traveled, and fuel prices. 

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