Why Olympia Buyers Choose the VW Golf GTI

2008 Volkswagen Golf GTI

2008 Volkswagen Golf GTI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Volkswagen Golf is a hatchback vehicle that has been manufactured since the 1970s. It has gained a loyal following from the hatchback community for its efficiency, styling, and dependability.  For 2014, Volkswagen is offering the Golf in multiple trim levels, and one of the most popular versions is the Volkswagen GTI. Why do so many buyers choose the GTI? Keep reading to find out.


The GTI is arguably the most fun to drive among the Golf family. It comes with a high performance turbocharged engine that provides quick acceleration and great top speeds. It produces an estimated 210 horsepower, and plenty of torque. It also has a sport tuned suspension that provides great handling. When compared, the non-GTI Golf isn’t quite on the same level when it comes to power and handling. Performance enthusiasts will definitely want to opt for the GTI version. The standard Golf comes with a 170 horsepower engine, and is also available with a turbo diesel engine that gets exceptional mileage. While these models are great for many buyers, they don’t provide the same type of power that many drivers crave.


If you want a great looking, European styled hatchback, the Golf GTI should be at the top of your list. Its slick exterior has a dominant and sporty appearance that is unmatched in the hatchback market. The interior comes with Top sport seats and 18” alloy wheels, both standard. The GTI comes in a great selection of colors that are popular among the sport vehicle crowd including carbon steel metallic, deep black pearl, and tornado red. The GTI’s styling hasn’t changed drastically over the years, instead it has maintained a classy European look with modern touches.

Auto Critics Agree

Some of the top auto critics have taken notice to the VW GTI. U.S. News & World Report ranked the 2015 Volkswagen GTI #1 in upscale small cars and #1 in hatchbacks. It received high marks for its steering, gas mileage, and large cargo hold. Car and Driver also gave the GTI a rave review and rated it #1 in Sport Compacts.

Is it Right for You?

Do you want a great looking hatchback that is a blast to drive? If so, the GTI might be the right vehicle for you. If performance isn’t as important to you, there are other great Golf options that excel in other areas like affordability and fuel economy. To learn more about the Golf, visit the Volkswagen website, or if you live in the Olympia, Washington area, speak with a sales representative at Volkswagen of Olympia.

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