Get Excited for the 2015 Ford F150

SPACEPORT_BlueJeansThe newest iteration of the Ford F150 is almost here and it is looking to be a promising addition to the long line of F150 models. Expect big updates to the design, engines, features, and more! Here is what we know about the 2015 F150 so far.

A New Bold Look

Get ready for the best looking F150 yet! The new 2015 F150 is going to have a new exterior style that looks rugged yet modern. When you first see it, you will notice the larger, more dominant grille and the redesigned headlights. The interior will also have a new style and new features, however it doesn’t deviate too far from the look that has made the F150 a success.

New Engine Options

There will be several engines available on the 2015 F150. The 3.5L EcoBoost will be available again, thanks to the great success it has had in the 2014 F150 model. Another familiar engine, the 5.0L V8, will also be available on the new F150 and provides a great amount of power and trusted reliability. The new addition to the group is the 2.7L V6 EcoBoost engine that is estimated at producing 325 horsepower and 375 lb-ft of torque. These numbers are closer to what you would normally find on a V8 engine, but thanks to advances in technology Ford is able to offer big power in a small package. Along with being very powerful, we are expecting the new F150’s to have some of the best fuel economy of any F150 to date.

New Features

The 2015 F150 will be loaded with great features, and many of them are new to the F150, including an all new productivity screen, twin panel power moon roof, and under-seat storage. The new F150 will be able to seat up to sixe people thanks to available three person seating in the front. Some of today’s trucks have back up cameras to help you see what’s behind your truck while in reverse, the 2015 F150 takes it to the next level by offering a four camera system that lets you see all around your truck.

New Build

The all new 2015 F150 won’t be built lighter and tougher than previous versions. Its frame will be built with high strength steel and military-grade aluminum alloy. This drastically reduces the weight of the F150, making it up to 700 lbs lighter than previous models. This new lighter weight helps make the F150 perform better in braking and accelerating.

Keep up with New Info

If you live near Olympia, Washington area and would like us to contact you when the new F150 arrives, fill out our contact us form and in the comments put “Please inform me when the 2015 F150 arrives”. We will have one of our sales reps at Uhlmann Ford contact you when we have a 2015 F150 on our lot! It is expected to arrive at dealerships in late 2014.

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