A Buyer’s Guide to the 2014 Mustang near Tacoma, Washington

C3372213MUST_GT500_HdLamp_mnFast driving is a thrilling and heart racing experience that can only be realized by being in one of the best high performance cars available in the market today. The 2014 Mustang is one of the most affordable and fun to drive high performance cars sold today. This car ticks all the boxes when it comes to great handling and performance. The car pumps out enormous power from its wide range of powerful engines including the base V6 and supercharged V8 variant. Below we look at the available features that make the 2014 Mustang one of the best high performance cars of the year.

The 2014 Mustang comes in a wide variety of models; ten to be specific. These models are divided into two classes according to the engine used either the V6 and V8 variants which are characterized by a great revving roar. The V6 model, V6 premium, V6 convertible and the V6 premium convertible all come equipped with the more-than-capable V6 petrol engine as their name suggests. The base 2014 Mustang V6 model and V6 convertible come with an optional 6-speed automatic transmission over and above the standard 6-speed manual transmissions on all V6 models. The 305-horsepower engine gives a return of 19 miles per gallon in city driving and 29 miles per gallon in highway. These numbers compare well with other competing options and in most cases are among the best.

The other class of models of the 2014 Mustang is composed of V8 models. The included models here are the GT, GT premium, GT premium convertible, GT premium convertible Shelby GT500 and the Exceptional GT500 Convertible. All these variants come equipped with a powerful 5 liter V8 engine for added performance. This engine is more powerful in comparison to the V6 variant. Those who opt for this model will have to compromise on efficiency for more oomph under the hood; the 5-liter engine provides a return of 15 mpg in city driving and 24 mpg in highway driving. All models in the V8 class get the six-speed manual transmission as standard. This transmission is held in high regard in the driving world as it provides an engaging and practical driving experience.

The 2014 Mustang is designed to enhance performance driving by employing a high performance and sporty interior design. The standard Mustang seats are comfortable but can be improved upon by the optional Recaro leather seats which are optimized for comfortable driving. The leather covered steering wheel further enhances the interior appeal on all 2014 Mustang models. Optional features include an enhanced braking system, optional leather seats, GT track package for the GT model among other features.

To promote responsible and safe driving among youngsters, the 2014 Mustang comes with Ford’s MyKey system parents can set maximum speed and fix the highest audio system volume possible.

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