3 Tips to Help Olympia Buyers Save on a New Car

Don’t spend more than you need to on a new car in Olympia. Check out these three helpful tips that can help you keep your money where it belongs, in your pocket!

Tip #1 – Pick the Right Dealer

You can save a lot of money just by picking the right dealer at the right location. Many dealers north of Olympia use “second sticker mark-ups” to increase their profit on each sale. This is an additional mark-up on top of the manufacturer suggested retail price which is unnecessary. Before visiting a new car dealer, make sure that they don’t use second stickers. Picking a dealer in an area with low sales tax can also save you money. For example, if you buy from a dealer in Chehalis, Washington, you will spend less on sales tax compared to if you buy in Olympia, Tacoma, or Seattle. Sometimes this difference adds up to hundreds of dollars in savings.

Tip # 2 – Ask your Salesperson about current specials

Most auto manufacturers have financing and leasing specials available at different times throughout the year. The specials change frequently, but your salesperson should have a good idea how the current specials stack up compared to other months.  If you buy at the right time, you could score a low finance rate or dealer rebates that could save you big bucks on your vehicle purchase.

 Tip # 3 – Use your trade-in to your advantage

While the idea of selling your car yourself can be appealing, trading it in to the dealer can save you a lot of hassle. If you sell it yourself, you will need to pay to advertise, and might need to spend a lot of your personal time trying to find a buyer. Plus, if for some reason you can’t find a buyer then it puts you in a complicated situation. If you trade in your vehicle, you don’t have to worry about it any longer and it can save you money on your purchase. When you trade-in, your total purchase value will go down if you don’t owe money on your car. If your purchase value goes down, you will also have less sales tax to pay.

Come visit an I-5 cars store to save big on your next new vehicle purchase. If you are interested in a new Ford, check out the selection at Uhlmann Ford in Chehalis, or for a new Toyota, consider I-5 Toyota off I-5 exit 79.  To learn more about all of our dealers, visit I-5cars.com.

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